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Ad agency Norbert Miskei - photography, grapic and web design. Go to: B2B Creative Services, Family Photography

B2B Services

examples of print applications of a photo by Miskei Photo and Design, Domažlice.

Outsource some or all of your business communication to us. We are aiming to create long term business relationships and offering a variety of reliable services. You can save money and time by letting us shape your company's image. You can hire us to create just the needed piece of marketing material or to carry out even complex campaigns. Our experience and strong business orientation can help your company in many ways.

Graphic Design

We design and deliver just about whatever you should need for your advertising. Logos, business cards, flyers, catalogs, calendars but also packaging, posters, billboards or even design your trade fair booth, you name it.

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Web Design

We now have our separate website dedicated to our web design. We offer not only web design, but also search engine optimalization (SEO), pay per click campaigns, localization services and much more.

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Ad And Product Photography

If we handle your graphic design it is automatic that we shoot your product pictures in a way to most suit your catalog or website, if not, we will be happy to collaborate with your designer to deliver the desired look.

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We have an ever growing list of businesses and organizations we parter with. Here's a couple of them: Richard Wane (artist, the contemporary) - UK, Autoservis BSC - Horšovský Týn, Fachübersetzungsservice Oulbouche (Professional Translations) - Hamburg, Kästner Trockenbau - Tettau / Langenau, Urlaub auf Hydra - Munich, Apextextil s.r.o., Top Tank s.r.o., Studnařství H&T s.r.o., ODS Poběžovice, Gorenje - Domažlice, Faschingbauer Hunting Agency - Domažlice, Cosmic Art GmbH - Dresden and a lot more.

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Your Family Photographer

examples of print applications of a photo by Miskei Photo and Design, Domažlice.

What your family doctor is to your health, we are to your memories. In our studio or if necessary making a house call we are available to record those precious moments and provide you with beautiful, professional photographs. Portraits, family reunions, weddings or party action, contact us for your reservation in time.


Children's photos are the most looked at ones in one's life alongside with the wedding pictures so naturally you want good ones. Children are fascinating and challenging subjects. They require a lot of patience and good reflexes. We have both.

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Once you are bringing your children to our studio, get everybody together and don't miss the opportunity to get a nice family portrait done as well. Timeless black and white family shots go well with any interior.

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Pregnancy Portraits

Every pregnant lady should have it. A special state of mind and body that just has to be portrayed. A sure keepsake for you and something special to show your child when growing up.

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Be a model for a day. Bring your favorite outfits and lights, camera, action! In our studio or on a nice location if you wish, we will bring the best out of you in discreet and relaxed atmosphere. Count with some extra time. Choosing your photos can be more difficult than posing.

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Norbert Miskei
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344 01, Domažlice
Czech republic
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